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  • Just Blender things

  • Ginger is just a sinister potato.

  • I got my ancestry report back today. I am 0.1% Finnish.

  • Happy New Years! I’ve been busy with a project that actually pays, but hopefully it’ll be done in a few weeks and I can get back to doing fun things. I got some new lenses for Christmas, so I’m...

  • Two of two dogs.

  • One of two dogs.

  • IDEA TIME. I’m standing there and then I realize that to get people to return to a website, you need to be always over their shoulder. “hello Im still here… return to me…” Reocurring emails that...


  • Lots of fencing tonight! We’re visiting another fencing club in Tucson.

  • First dog I found was not available. Had to drive 4 hours to find another, but they let us adopt her! She’s some sort of wirehair dachshund/terrier mix and super insane. She’s just figured out how to...

  • Found another little wirehair dachshund. The shelter is closed today. Here’s to hoping the website is accurate and he hasn’t already been adopted.