The politically neutral and fair social network

We have seen the politically biased or just wrong actions that some social networks take to sanction their users for breaking their rules. We at believe that an online community should reflect the real world where the enforced rules are fair and neutral i.e. they are the same for everyone. Social media has seemed to be horribly broken recently, and this is why was made.

A social network should be like a society where everyone is treated equally and fairly. The “law” should be the same for everyone.

Overall, we would like to see be a place for civil argumentation, reasoning and discussion. is a social network that is:

1. Politically neutral, fair

The most important point. We will not be censoring speech in any biased way. Before any ban there will usually be a warning and there will always be a way appeal any decision.

2. Open—everything is public

There are not private profiles. We believe that the closed profiles create unnecessary social bubbles and we don't want those. Obviously, some bubbles will always form, but that’s the way people are. Let’s not try to encourage that, though.

3. Sensible line on free speech

What can or can't be said is determined mostly by the laws. will not try to make up its own rules, which always have the danger of turning into something biased, but instead it takes legislature as such a rule.

About hate speech, we will refer to the famous phrase that European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said:

Freedom of applicable not only to 'information' or 'ideas' that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population

On the other hand, ECHR also says:

it may be considered necessary in certain democratic societies to sanction or even prevent all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance

Sorry, but we find this very vague. What is incitement to hatred is open to interpretation and debate. Clearly all kinds of unlawful threats are not to be tolerated against groups of people, as they are not against individuals, but what actually is incitement to hatred is an open question.

Here is an example of the line we would be OK with: A Perfect University Response To Offensive Student Speech (we being the University in this example).

4. Who made this? is created and led by Ilkka Huotari (